Feature Briefs

Find feature highlights and best practices to help you get the most out of the platform.

  • Ad Hoc Shipment Notifications

    Ad Hoc Shipment Notifications

    We’ve now opened up the ability to add ad hoc recipients for notifications about specific shipments.

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  • Crossing State Lines Alerts

    Crossing State Lines Alerts

    The latest addition to our SCOPE alerts will alert you whenever a shipment crosses US state lines.

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  • IoT Management Dashboard

    IoT Management Dashboard

    Our newly introduced IoT management dashboard allows you to stay on top of your IoT tracker quotas thereby helping you to plan future usage and orders.

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  • Point of Interest Alerts

    Point of Interest Alerts

    The latest addition to our SCOPE alerts will alert you whenever a shipment is located next to a significant logistics hub thereby allowing you to track its progress through the various links in your supply chain.

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  • Shipment Tags

    Shipment Tags

    Tags are an easy and efficient way for logistics and supply chain teams to manage and review their shipments faster.

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  • Route Replay

    Route Replay

    Route replays are a great tool for inspecting individual routes. Use them to visualise the shipping process step by step for internal use or with your customers.

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  • Transmission Interval Control

    Transmission Interval Control

    We’ve recently added the ability for operations personnel to directly control each of their trackers’ transmit interval via the platform’s web interface. This functionality has long been in use by our M2M API users and has now also been made available via the portal’s “Trackers” screen.

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  • Late Delivery Alerts

    Late Delivery Alerts

    The latest addition to our SCOPE alerts will alert you whenever a shipment is late in arriving at its final destination and is just one of the many tools the platform provides you with to assist with your OTIF KPIs.

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  • Notification Settings

    Notification Settings

    Use to monitor the progress and condition of your shipments with real-time alerts and notifications.

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  • Advanced shipment filtering

    Advanced shipment filtering

    Use to optimize your operational performance, support managerial decisions, and extract analytical insights from your supply chain and logistics data.

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  • End-to-end shipment road stories

    End-to-end shipment road stories

    With Road Stories you can collect valuable insights about specific routes from a variety of sources — all in one place. Use them to investigate shipping errors, to improve overall performance, and to communicate shipment status to customers.

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  • IoT management for resellers

    IoT management for resellers resellers are a critical component of our customer experience and enable us to meet customer demand globally. We depend on our partners to provide local customer relationships and personalized reach and we work continuously to provide them with the tools they need to achieve these goals.

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  • Share shipment information

    Share shipment information

    Use to reach your customers while they’re waiting for their purchase via smartphone apps, social sharing links & email messages. This can also help you extend your brand exposure to the shipping phase of the customer journey.

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