Point of Interest Alerts

Seeing the sights

Shipit.to’s SCOPE alerts (Supply Chain Operational Progress Events) provide you with live updates regarding the progress of your shipment – whether it is stationary, nearing its destination, entering predefined geofences, etc. The latest addition to this collection will alert you whenever a shipment is located next to a significant logistics hub thereby allowing you to track its progress through the various links in your supply chain.

To the point

Whenever one of your shipments is determined to be located next to an airport, seaport, or other similarly significant points of interest the shipit.to platform will create a live alert and send it to you with all the relevant information. This is done regardless of whether the point of interest is included in the shipment’s planned route information. 

As with all shipit.to alerts you can decide whether or not to be notified about these events by turning the “Shipment located near a point of interest” toggle on or off in your notification settings.

Example of a shipit.to ‘Shipment located near a point of interest’ alert.