Making Your Cargo Smarter
How does it work
Get It
Select your service package and trackers
Pack It
Add your tracker to your cargo and ship it
Track It
Track your shipment with the app
That's It!
You're done! No need to return the tracker
Think outside the box
24/7 Tracking
Take control via the white-label portal and smartphone apps
Customer Facing
Share extensive package information with your customers: location, route, content, documents, etc.
Alerts & Notifications
Handle cases of theft, delay, loss, etc. Get notified when packages enter last mile of delivery, enter or leave ports, etc.
Data-driven insights collects & analyzes information about all cargo movements.
Good things come in small packages
Thanks to's low cost and disposable trackers anyone can now make their cargo smarter.
Long Lasting
Supports tracking routes up to 3 months in duration.
One Size Fits All
Use the same tracker to track envelopes, boxes, pallets, and containers.
Multimodal Tracking
Land, sea, or air - track your package anywhere
Get shock, temperature and low battery charge warnings
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We'll assist you in selecting the service package which best suits your needs.
Frequently asked questions
Do I need special equipment to use the service?
Yes, in order to use the service to track your cargo, you will need to select a service package which includes the trackers. No need to worry about SIM cards, traffic, roaming, etc.
Why do I need a mobile application?
With the mobile application, you can:
  • - find out the current location of your cargo;
  • - see the full history of your cargo's movements, full itinerary, attachments, and more;
  • - enable your customers to track their shipments.
How much does the service cost?
Please contact a sales representative at to select the service package which best suits your needs and to receive pricing information.
Do you have a partner or affiliate program?
Partners are a critical component of our customer experience and enable us to meet customer demand globally. We depend on our partners to provide local customer relationships and personalized reach. If you wish to apply to be a certified partner please contact us at