IoT management for resellers

The customer is always right… at your fingertips

It’s now easier than ever for resellers to support their customers’ accounts by directly monitoring and managing their stock of IoT trackers. All reseller accounts will now be able to choose which of their customers’ trackers they wish to view and manage at any given moment via the Trackers screen.

Helping you ensure customer success

Monitoring the status of your customers’ IoT trackers has never been easier. Drill down into each customer’s account using the ‘Company’ filter to get an overview of their active stock of IoT trackers. This overview includes each tracker’s location, last and next expected broadcasts, assigned shipment and order IDs, and operational status (charging status, battery level, signal level, etc).

You can sort the list (by timestamp, tracker ID, order, and country) and filter it further based on when the tracker last communicated with the platform or using free text.

Each tracker may also be more closely inspected to review its batch information as well as download of the full history of that tracker’s broadcasts.

Reseller’s IoT tracker management
Reseller’s IoT tracker management