The Four C’s of Supply Chain Clarity

Completeness • Convenience • Collaboration • Communication

We’ve based on our four C’s of supply chain clarity: Completeness, Convenience, Collaboration, and Communication.

This enables us to provide our customers with a robust set of features and capabilities which help them analyse the needs of the supply chain, predict the risks to its goals, and aid in the decision making process required to avoid such risks.


The first “C” in the four C’s of supply chain clarity stands for “Completeness,” or more specifically, taking into account the complete ecosystem through which your cargo traverses your supply chain. makes use of multiple data feeds to provide you with full visibility into your supply chain. We collect millions of data points which cover flight tracking, marine vessel tracking, BoL/AWB processing, customs events and our proprietary IoT tracking devices which can track cargo of any size (from envelopes up to containers).


Supply chain clarity both relies on and provides convenience. Clarity cannot be gained unless you can deploy supply chain monitoring ubiquitously which raises a set of barriers not easily overcome: cost per shipment, reverse logistics, installation requirements, integration costs, data siloing, and more. removes these barriers by providing the right tech to ensure that the solution is easily deployed and integrated into your existing logistical apparatus.


Collaboration is the practice of working together to achieve a common goal. This applies both to personnel and to IT. Whether you choose to use our white label portal or integrate the service via its extensive M2M APIs, is ready to provide you with a robust supply chain management solution which works seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure and enables your personnel to have data-based interactions with their colleagues.


The fourth and final “C” is “Communication”. As in most aspects of your business, communication is a key factor to your success but in the context of supply chain clarity it has a renewed importance. Modern supply chains put the customers and their needs at the center and that requires you to keep them up to date with regards to delivery times, expected delays, and so forth.’s white label mobile apps, alerts, and notifications provide your customers with 24/7 access to the information they need.