Late Delivery Alerts

Are we there yet?’s SCOPE alerts (Supply Chain Operational Progress Events) provide you with live updates regarding the progress of your shipment – whether it is stationary, nearing its destination, entering predefined geofences, etc. The latest addition to this collection will alert you whenever a shipment is late in arriving at its final destination and is just one of the many tools the platform provides you with to assist with your OTIF KPIs.

Run a tight ship

Whenever one of your shipments is overdue at its destination the platform will create a live alert and send it to you with all the relevant information. This is usually done once the cargo is determined to be over 24 hours late but can be customized for your account.

As with all alerts you can decide whether or not to be notified about these events by turning the “Shipment is running behind schedule” toggle on or off in your notification settings.

Example of a ‘Shipment is running behind schedule’ alert.