Track & Trace

For businesses with a high volume of shipping whose customers require 24/7 visibility, typically:

  • Online stores (e-commerce)
  • Postal operators
  • Couriers

Clear the Way for Your Customers

Use’s white label smartphone applications and web portal to provide your customers with visibility & predictability, to inform them of delays in time, and to reduce friction with service personnel.

Cash in on Clarity

Extend your brand exposure to the shipping phase of your customers’ journey all while decreasing your spending on customer support, manual tracking and reverse logistics.

Use the following modules to deploy track and trace for your organization:

  • IoT Trackers

    IoT Trackers’s Low cost & disposable IoT trackers fit cargo of any size – from as small as an envelope to as large as a cargo container.

  • White Label Portal & Apps

    White Label Portal & Apps

    White label mobile apps, alerts & notifications give you and your customers 24/7 monitoring and tracking.

  • SCOPE Alerts

    SCOPE Alerts

    Supply Chain Operational Progress Events provide you with live updates regarding the progress of your shipments – whether it is stationary, nearing its destination, entering predefined geofences, etc.