Share shipment information

Keep your customers engaged

Ecommerce platforms allow you to reach a wide range of customers through the Internet. Your team spends a lot of thought and planning to ensure that the purchasing process on these platforms keeps the customer engaged and guarantee that a sale goes through. However, from the time the product is purchased and until it is delivered you are no longer in direct contact with the customer and at the same time the customer is in the dark with regards to the actual shipment status. is built to help you increase customer satisfaction by providing visibility & predictability, informing of delays and potential problems in time, and by reducing friction with service personnel.

Share your information’s sharing features allow you to reach your customers by sharing any shipment’s information from both the web portal and the mobile apps.

Choose whether to share a shipment’s route and current location on a beautiful map or a more detailed view of the shipment’s itinerary including all seaports, airports, flights, shipping lines, pickup and dropoff locations, and more.

Example of a shareable map showing a complete shipment’s journey.