Summer 2021 – Product Update


Shipment Tags

We’re happy to announce we’ve recently released a long-awaited feature to – shipment tagging. With this release you and your coworkers can assign multiple tags to each shipment. These tags can assist with classification, filtering, and later retrieval of shipments in your account. 


Point of Interest Alerts’s SCOPE alerts (Supply Chain Operational Progress Events) provide you with live updates regarding the progress of your shipment – whether it is stationary, nearing its destination, entering predefined geofences, etc.

The latest addition to this collection will alert you whenever a shipment is located next to a significant logistics hub, thereby allowing you to track its progress through the various links in your supply chain.


Route Replay

Getting a shipment from point A to point B isn’t just about the time of delivery. As your cargo traverses your logistics chain it may travel through different countries, experience route changes and delays, endure extreme ambient conditions, and so on.

To help you visualise routes, track your cargo, and identify potential issues we’ve now added route replays to make your cargo’s journey come alive.



Latest Airline Approvals

We’re thrilled to announce that Lufthansa and Brussels airlines have recently approved the IoT cargo trackers for use on their flights.